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Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda is the most famous Chilean poet of all time. Nobel Prize in Literature 1971. Doctor Honoris Causa of the Oxford University. Senator, Communist, peaceful activist, politician, consul general of Chile in Spain, China, Ceylon, and Burma, Ambassador of Chile in Paris. Exiled in Mexico and Italy. Poet and incessant traveler.

His work distinguishes different stylistic periods. Passing by the avant-garde, the surrealism and the realism Socialist. His poetry has been translated to more than 20 languages. Highlighting its Canto General (1950) and Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (1924).
We have chosen fragments of five of his poems as front page of our web site and as a gateway to a sublime Chile.
From the famous book Canto General we have chosen three poems. This book is the column of his work. It was written clandestinely in Chile and published years later, in 1950, in Mexico:

(*) Back to Patagonia where the wind hits the stables and the ice splashes the Ocean.  From the poem  “Que despierte el leñador.”

(*) I leave now, in this day full of volcanoes towards the crowd, towards life. From the poem “Voy a vivir.”

(*) Your hands will touch the stone until shape it. Giving the lonely energy to subsist. From the poem “Constructores de estatuas.”
From the book Los versos del capitán we have chosen one poem. This book was written during a trip through Italy and France, along with her lover Matilde Urrutia. This was published for the first time, anonymously in Italy in 1952. It is the most spontaneous and diaphanous of his work. It sings an exquisite joy of living:
(*) I wait for you in the harsh desert. Everywhere where there is life, where spring is born, my love, I wait for you. From the poem “La carta en el camino”.
And from the book Residencia en la tierra published in 1933, we’ve chose the last poem.  In this book Neruda enters surrealist techniques, resulting in a more hermetic and metaphysical language:
(*)  I’m looking, listening, with half of the soul in the sea and half of the soul on earth, and with the two halves of my soul I look at the world. From the poem “Agua sexual”.

Pablo Neruda had three houses of residence in Chile. His favorite was the house in Isla Negra, located 100 km from Santiago, on the Chilean coast. The House has a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and keeps a vast collection of bottles, shells, maps, figureheads and objects that Neruda loved to collect.
The poet bequeathed the house to the Communist Party of Chile and was then expropriated during the dictatorship of Pinochet. Returned already to their owners, today is a Museum in honor to Neruda. And both he as his third wife Matilde Urrutia are buried there.

La Sebastiana, Valparaiso

La Sebastiana is the house located in the port of Valparaíso, in the mount Florida. It stands out for the beauty of its construction and its magnificent views over the Bay.
This house is full of interesting corners, objects, and pictures. Collections of dishes with hot air balloons, maps, stained glass, a stuffed bird brought from Venezuela, a splendid bowl of Italian in the shape of a cow, which was used for the strikeouts. In addition to large windows and skylights overlooking the ocean. Today it is a museum dedicated to the poet.

La Chascona Santiago de ChileLa Chascona is the house at Santiago of Chile, in the barrio Bellavista. Located in the foothills of the San Cristobal Hill. It architect to charge of its construction in 1953 was the catalan Germán Rodríguez Arias, although Neruda participated actively editing flat and changing them ideas of Rodriguez. Its architecture is based on the principles of the Bauhaus.
The house name honoring Matilde, in those days his lover, named thus by the poet because of his large reddish hair. Today houses the headquarters of the Neruda Foundation next to the Museum.


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