By the early years of the new millennium, Viviana Pizarro and Stephanie Guerrero, met in the sacred lands of India. From those years they began a great friendship and a deep interest in the development of projects. The last big project is called Pudú Travel Chile, established in 2016 at the city of Barcelona, Spain. A travel consulting agency to inspire, organize, and show Chile’s beauty to world travelers. Chile’s potential to be a world-class travelers destination yet is not fully recognized. So, they considered was needed a real way to grab attention and open the eyes of world-travelers to the beauty of this marvelous country.


Viviana PizarroViviana Pizarro Magnani, Co-founder and Director of PTC, was born in Santiago de Chile. Professional Photographer, Project Manager and Master in PR and Communication. Since early years traveled with her family all around Chile thanks to the enthusiastic and adventure spirit of her parents. Exploring from tiny little towns in Chiloe Island to lost lakes in the Atacama desert. Or from unforgettable glaciers in Patagonia to warm and lonely beaches at North of Chile. She knows Chile as a book. Today lives in Barcelona Spain since 2004 directing projects as South Europe Travel, Pudú Travel Chile and Has.Studio Photography. And she travels in Chile each spring.


Stephanie GuerreroStephanie Guerrero, Co-founder and Director of PTC, was born in Montpellier, France. Professional Travel Consulter and Autodidact Web Designer. She grew up in a family of farmers in the generous lands of Languedoc-Rousillon, South France. Since those first years she learned a great respect and love to nature and the terroir. And as enjoying long seasons in the French Alps. Passionate traveler, visited Chile for the first time in 1999 and chose Patagonia as her first destination. She is a trekking lover and specialist. And she loves travel in Chile looking for new walking trails. Now lives in Barcelona since 2007 managing projects like South Europe Travel, Pudú Travel Chile and Focus Barcelona.